User eXperience Assessment

UX Assessment

Working with your local staff and stakeholders, the User Experience (UX) Assessment will integrate staff training in UX techniques, while offering professional project management and analysis services to assess a specific online or in-person problem or goal. Such as...

      • campus experience of library search
      • student experience of a service desk
      • researcher experience of a new space or service offering
      • staff experience of internal communications
      • what students want, but the organization does not currently provide

UX analysis is used to quickly understand how your users use and value products and services, both online and in-person. UX analysis aims to understand and provide guidance to staff, in a timely manner, towards creating meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

Working with a local project lead, a Project Plan will be written including, a clear scope, timeline and budget, along with the specific problem or goal to be addressed, a list of key stake holders and staff be be involved in the UX Assessment. UX techniques and tools will be selected as a team, such as Personas, card sorting, click pathways, etc.

The UX Assessment will be customized for each client.

With this experience, your local staff will learn new ways of engaging and capturing feedback from your users, which will help your team design more effective service offerings.

If this seems interesting, please contact me to discuss further,