Sadler studio


Director, Sadler Studio

Since 2016, Shawna Sadler has worked as a consultant for several universities and organizations, ranging from MIT Libraries to ORCiD.

Shawna developed her professional skillsets in leadership positions at,

  • University of Calgary in Canada
  • Deakin University in Australia

As a leader who embraced the changing nature of libraries and digital scholarship initiatives, Shawna Sadler has led,

  • innovative programs
  • space development projects
  • technology planning
  • staffing and management practices

... all with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Shawna started her career at the University of Calgary, most notably leading the technology program for the Taylor Family Digital Library. She then had an opportunity of a lifetime to move to the Surf-coast area west of Melbourne, Australia where she worked at Deakin University for two years. In 2016 Shawna moved back to Calgary and has worked as an independent consultant with various organizations on strategic projects.